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So recently I pulled my back benching, so I went to my orthopedic surgeon and she said that it happens and then started talking about how she isn't a fan of lifting and mentioned about my growth plates.  My parents are now freaking out and not letting me go to football lifting.  I'm 15 and heavy double squat 510 and heavy double bench 210.  Can lifting and these weights limit my growth?


Hi Need,

Some studies say, yes, it can limit your growth.  Excess weight lifting can damage the growth plates.  There is no problem lifting in general, it's the amount.  If you use proper form, then you can safely lift fairly heavy loads.  How much, varies on the individual.

Since you did pull your back, then you are likely overdoing it or using bad form.  Your orthopedist is right.  I do think your parents are over reacting however.  Your training for football is likely well supervised.

Good luck.