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Hi, I Started Weight when i was 14 and 3 months, and now i am 15, I have started with weights i'm comfortable with then i gradually started adding more weight plates because i gain muscle size. i dont work my legs, because i naturally have big legs for genetics and i dont want to close the growth plates in my joints in my knees. i am now bulking and have been for 3 months now, and i have been lifting heavy and doing light reps, i dont work my back because i have back problems and had this problem since i started. im 5 FT 8 and want to know if i have stunt my growth because everyone in my family keeps nagging me about it, i also have troublesleeping and get in around 6-7 and 1/2 hours every night and i go to the gym at 5"30 AM that is my only time available.

Kind regards Matt


Hello, lifting weights does not stunt your Growth at any stage, I've never seen it at all.


You clearly know there is Growth Plates in the body which is soft cartilage which means it's susceptible to damage and injury, running, jumping and landing onto surfaces has much more potential to crush the plates, however if you experience these symptoms in your joints, consult a doctor.

Persistent pain in the joint, unable to move the joint and inability to apply pressure to the joint. But Weight Training offers so many benefits: Increased muscular strength, increased bone mineral density (bone put under pressure and able to build up the bone strength), increased bone strength, increased motor-joint abilities, increased muscular endurance, efficient body fat composition and much more.


Go for it kid!