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im 14 years old and really need advice on how too much lifting can affect my growth yes i do lift 150 reps everyday im a football player going into high school


Hi Guest,

The problems that can result come from lifting a heavy load improperly.  If you are lifting properly you can safely lift large loads without stunting your bone growth.

Just be sure to use proper technique. 

Remember too that your muscle do need to rest at times.  If you get sore working out, give them a break.

Hope I answered your question.




You say lift 150 reps? How much weight do you lift.

Yes, i would also agree with Dan, just make sure you are lifting properly and if you feel any pain then you are doing it wrong. I mean, pain when you lift.

As for the muscle soreness , make sure you eat enough protein rich food. Drink plenty of water and remember that muscles grow only when you rest. So having a proper rest is crucial if you are trying to build muscles.