I started a 13 week training program to run a 10K. My training has gone great and I have followed the program very close. I have enjoyed having the program to follow because then there is no excuses, I just do what ever the paper says I am suppose to do today.

I know I need to set my next 'goal' race up which looks like anothe 10K in December.

So how should my training go now? In other words I have had miles build up over the last 13 weeks. My long runs now are 7 miles with 3 to 4 miles(time based) 3 others days a week. Should I hold those miles now until my next 10K. I haven't run any speed work yet so I thought about switching out time runs with speed work mid week just to mix things up.

I would love to hear your suggestions on how you adjust your training post race and then build to the next race.