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My Husband retired and we have No insurance At this time. I still have surgery I need done and need to find affordable Insurance. I will be 60 in 5 days and my husband will be 61 next month. I need help desperately.


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Good luck with that!!!

I don't know of any way to get insurance after you turn 60 except to get a job with a BIG company.

I was self employed most of my life so I was never able to afford the price of the type of insurance most employees of large companys have. I always had insurance that started paying after I paid out $2000 myself then it paid 80% until I paid $5,000. that was costing me $350/mo. when I was 59.

When I turned 60 the only thing I could get was $5,000 deductable and 80% after that until I paid $10,000 and the price for that was going to be $700/mo.

Luckily I found a job with a large company 3 months after I turned 60 and they had a good plan that only cost me $26/week with a $5 copay for doctors visits and full coverage for everything else.

If I had been rich when I was self employed I could have bought insurance close to that for $1400/mo. before I turned 60 but couldn't even get that after I turned 60 for any price. They closed the factory when I was 61 and I had to go without insurance until I turned 65 and got Medicare.

I also found out the big company was only paying $300/mo for me to have the great insurance that would have cost me $1400/mo as a self employed person, before I turned 60.

I think your only hope is to find a hospital that has a good low income discount plan, but that still does nothing for the doctor's charges and other charges unrelated to the hospital itself. Most doctors and medical associations DO NOT give low income discounts.

We're just screwed after 60 and the government is trying to dump us too. I find the part they pay on Medicare is less each year while the amount they take out of my Social Security to pay for Medicare keeps going up. In 2014, far enough after the election so Obama won't get the blame, his plan will be taking $250/mo out of my SS to pay for Medicare. And I was stupid enough to think the Medicare premiums I paid all those years when I couldn't use it was supposed to pay for Medicare after I got old.

The insurance companies don't want you after you're old and neither does the government.