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Okay so I am not as naive as you think lol. I know how everything works and what you're supposed to do. Me and my boyfriend messing around the other night (I'm a virgin by the way) and like my jeans were all the way off and his were partially off (I don't know if this effects him entering me that's why I'm telling you that) I was on top of him (should he be on top of me?) and like he pushed his penis against my vagina,and I felt pressure....but just like wouldn't go in. Me being wet and his being erect wasn't the problem....and my hymen isn't a problem either because he can finger me just fine...please help,any advice or tips??? Thank you


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Keep trying!!!

Everyone has a first time and even after you get it in you will spend the rest of your life finding ways to make it better.

If you are on top you might try it with him lying and you sitting on top of him. Then you can position his penis at the entrance to your vagina while you lower yourself down on it. This way you have control over how much pressure and how far. If he has a foreskin it might work better if you/he retracts it a bit so the tip of his bare head is going in.

If you want to allow him control it might be better with you lying and him lying on top of you. You can also try this position with your legs over his shoulders making your vagina more accessible.


Relax and enjoy.