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Hello all,

I have recently started back running, but to my dismay I am starting to suffer from serious tibialis anterior muscle fatigue while running. It comes on usually after a mile or two and will go away if I stop and walk for a bit. It is so fatigued that I cannot bend my foot up towards my shin.

New changes to my running are that I am using a pair of stability shoes (asics gt-2150) vs my old pair of cushion shoes (asics gel cumulus 11).

This problem happens when running inside and outside, fast and slow, hills and flat. It seems to happen more when I am running either on hills, or running faster.

Current Treatment: I am icing the front of my shins down after each run and atleast once more per day. I am also doing exercises about 3 days/week to strengthen my lower legs. This combined with stretching daily.

Any suggestions or treatments that I could try. In the fall I was up to long runs of 6 miles and around 20 miles per week. Now I struggle to run 2 miles before i cannot go any farther so I would really like to figure this out.

Thanks for the help.


I've been a competitive runner now for about 5 years, and when I started out I had similar problems. For me, I was running in shoes too small. I started running in a 10.5, and now I run in a 11.5 (it also varies by shoe brand). Your body has an amazing way of compensating for inefficiency up to a certain point. My chiropractor once used the analogy of the alignment of your vehicle's tires. You may not know they are out of alignment until your tires are showing excessive wear. Your body is the same way; it's showing signs of excessive wear, but shouldn't be according to your training description.

When you start running more miles and training more frequently, it is important to invest in the proper shoes. When you bought the newer shoes, did you get measured/have professional assistance or did you just pick one that felt good? Shoes may feel good, but you won't really know until you put them to the mileage test. That's why it's important to get measured and talk to a runner. Just the other day, I had an issue with my tibialis anterior. I stopped, stretched, and loosened my laces. I was fine after that. If the top of your foot is cramped from your shoe laces, shoe tongue or bunched up socks, it can also lead to TA muscle fatigue.

If you are going to run seriously, you need to make sure every part of your body is sufficiently supported and happy. Your body is a finely tuned instrument. If something is out of tune, eventually your body will tell you.

I'm not a doctor so don't take any of this to the bank, but I have learned this through my own running challenges. I am also an exercise physiology graduate student, so I know a little bit about the body's adaptation to exercise stress.

Try gong to a running specific store, get measured for shoes, and have them watch your running gait (stride). Also, share what I mentioned and see what they say. Good luck and keep it up!