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Hi everyone, I've been wondering how to tell if I have diabetes? My wife seems to think I do. Sometimes I have blurry vision and I tend to sweat a lot. I'm drinking a lot of water and I have pee a lot. It seems like I'm hungry all the time but you know I don't think I have much of an appetite. I'm definitely over weight and I know I need to lose weight. Should I take my wife's advice and go see a doctor and find out? Does anyone have any advice for me? Anything you could share would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, Your wife has the right idea. You are presenting with all the of the hallmark symptoms of diabetes type 2. It sounds like you having serious hyperglycemia. High blood sugar levels can do a lot of damage to the body and brain. It sounds like your not prediabetic so I suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible. Your going to have to make a number of changes in your life. You'll be put on a strict low carb diet and you need to exercise on a regular basis. If you drink alcohol, you need to cut back considerably. No more sugar donuts for breakfast and you'll have to cut out those sweet desserts. You'll need to start counting your carbs and monitoring your blood glucose levels every day. You may need to do this 4 or more times a day. Your doctor might put you on an oral medication like Metformin to see if that works but it sounds like to me you're beyond that stage. You may have to go to insulin directly. If you can get your blood glucose levels under control with diet and exercise, you may be able to get off of insulin at a later time.