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I was wondering, how many calories contain a smart ones dessert? I must say that I am not that big fan of these frozen meals, but I am also a human :) and I need to eat some desserts. I don't want to eat something that can make me fat :), so I am looking for some alternative. I found these smart ones dessert, and I was thinking about trying them out.

Are they healthy? How many calories they contain? Are these desserts delicious? How many times a week can I eat it?

Tell me more about this.



What's going on?

I must say that I eat these smart ones desserts as well :). So far, they are just fine.

I have found some interesting list of smart ones desserts. You can find all that you are looking for. Here is the list.

Smart Ones Dessert  contain 190 calories, Weight Watchers Smart Ones Dessert - Choc Chip Cookie Dough Sundae contains 170 calories, Smart Ones Dessert – Cheesecake has 150 calories, Smart Ones Dessert Cake has 220 calories, Smart Ones Dessert, Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae has 150 calories, Chocolate Cookie Dough Sundae has 170 calories.

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