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Hello there,

I need your help. Can you tell me more about a diet plan with smart ones frozen meals? I really love these frozen meals. So far, I have been eating these Lean Cuisine frozen meals, but I need something else to try. I have heard that smart ones frozen meals are even more delicious :) Is that true?

Do you follow this diet plan? Can you tell me more about it? What smart ones frozen meal can offer to me? How often do I need to eat?

If you have any experience, feel free to tell me.

Keep in touch!


Good day,

it is very easy diet plan – easy to follow, easy to learn all the tips. And, that is good, right? :)

You can find these plans on the internet. Here is one:

Breakfast : one cup of special K, one cup of skim milk and one cup of delicious blueberries.

Lunch : Fat free chicken soup and some salad,

Snack : you can eat one banana and one cup of fat free yogurt,

Dinner : Smart ones sesame chicken and one cup of green beans.

Dessert : Ice cream bar.

You see, it is easy and you can respect all these tips.

Good luck :)




I must say that I love this diet :)

Smart one meals are delicious, and I could eat them almost every day. But I don't, just for the record :) I follow the same plan you have Willma. It is easy, nice, but sometimes I change dessert and snacks. And, that is OK. I like this diet because exercise is not required, and I love that! Of course, the authors do recommend some form of exercise, because you should exercise for your health.

Moreover, you can download I love this diet online. There you can find some instruction guide, breakfast guide, salad guide, soup guide, recipe collection, food diary, etc.

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