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I was wondering how often most people do cross training?

Cross training has been brought up to me several times by experienced runners that I know. I am just trying to get an idea of how to balance my cross training along with my work, which is physical labor in itself.

My understanding is that cross training is aimed more towards creating a solid basis fer development, would years of moving freight provide such a basis for my development or is their more specific exercise that I need?


This is a really good point you bring up, about your job maybe providing cross-training in and of itself. Cross-training helps you achieve many things, such as more speed, a stronger core, or maybe helps you avoid injuries. You may benefit from doing some cross training with your running (maybe sacrificing a running day to do some cross-training?). I myself do pilates and yoga and interval training exercises. You yourself may not require all these things, but I find that they do help with my running and my overall health.