Hello, all.

Almost exactly two weeks ago I had protected/unprotected sex. We started off protected and then for about 15-30 seconds we were unprotected. When he finally finished, however, we did use a condom and I checked to make sure that it had not broken or come off. I was completely fine the day after and even a few days after until I went to tell a friend about my experience. Before I even mentioned anything what what had happened, she joked that I might be pregnant. Now, I am naturally a paranoid person by nature so, a joke of this kind could send me into a tailspin. And it did!

That night I went on to every single forum I could find and convinced myself that I was probably pregnant. Since that moment I've begun thinking that every single thing I feel is pregnancy related.

This past week I've been experiencing some bloating, the "full feeling," or like I'm gassy. I've definitely felt this before many times (but it's usually been gas after Mexican food or something. Sorry if that's TMI for some of you but really feel like I need to be blunt right now) and I keep attributing this feeling to the fact that for a week before I had this sex I was sick so, I didn't eat much and what I did eat was extremely healthy/fresh, and then for a few days after this sex I was sick again (there was about 10 days or so in between these sicknesses. The first was food poisoning, second was dehydration and cold caught from friends..) and so I only ate fresher foods than I usually eat. Now I'm back to my old self and not eating UNhealthy foods but definitely more sugar-y, fattening foods than before. So, I thought that could be a reason for the bloating.

Other than that, my back has been hurting a little bit but, ever since my friend made that joke, I've basically deemed myself pregnant and have been stressing ever since so, that's where the back pain could come from. Also, when I'm not thinking about it (or just try and convince myself that I'm NOT pregnant) I really do feel fine.

BASICALLY..my question is, is two weeks after having sex too early to be feeling THESE KIND of symptoms?? My period isn't due for about another two weeks or so (it's quite irregular), otherwise, believe me, I would have already consulted a HPT.

Thanks so much. Sorry this was really long.