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The breast specialist wants to remove over 1/3 of my breast to test for pagent's disease. The itch started nearly three years ago after a lumpectomy. It seems to me it could just be nerve damage as they performed that surgery through the nipple. I also have 25 year old silicone implants, which do not show signs of leakage in a recent MRI.
I feel this is quite invasive and will disfigure my breasts greatly. He said I would no doubt require plastic surgery after he did his diagnostic work.
I would like any input as to weather this is a normal diagnostic measure.
thank you


Well, paget’s disease is diagnosed by performing a biopsy. However, I have heard that recently a new method has been used in women for some time called vacuum-assisted biopsy. This procedure enables removal of multiple tissue samples. The biopsy is done through the skin. A type of computer is used to find the mass location and then a needle is inserted once to get the tissue sample.
In open surgical biopsy, incision deep from a 1.5 to 2.0 inches are made in the breast to get the samples.

I don’t know why your doctor didn’t mention that kind of biopsy. Maybe you were not the right candidate or maybe they don’t perform such procedures in the clinic where you went.

Try asking some more questions if you could have vacuum-assisted biopsy or not.


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