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when I first saw them I was really scared and I had no idea what to do...I'm 14 and I've been with girls who wanted me in a sexual way:/ I know I'm young but it's also hormones that make me want it but it would be hard for me to tell them about the spots..... If you are stressed about this just calm down and understand that I also need help about these spots and I'm really scared and it's tough you know.....but just man up grow some balls and tell the girl u got Fordyce spots! Im scared to go to a doctor because if my parents find out I'm gonna seem like a freak, they probably won't care but it's uncomfortable, I wish these would go away but try every way possible to get rid of them no matter how much pain or time it takes I want them gone...I'm not giving up yet


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Hey Ethan fordyces spots are quite common and many guys have them .... They are normal and I would not let them get in your way if being in a relationship .  With that said at your age it is a bit young for having sex. There are a lot of risks and responsibilities with sex . Are you ready to Handel them?  Finally what treatments have you tried?