Hi, I'm new here, just found your site tonight. I had a lis franc fracture on 6/16, didn't get it correctly diagnosed until 4 wks later when they (finally) did a CT scan. Doc was going to do surgery but then spoke to a really highly regarded specialist who recommended either fusion surgery or letting it sit in a cast for 12 weeks, no weight bearing, and check after 6 weeks (in a cast, I'm in the 2nd week of having a correct diagnosis). I'm afraid I am bearing a little weight, getting from crutches onto knee roller, and I'm not keeping still at all. We're trying to sell our house so I'm trying to keep the house up (on my roller aide) but think I'm overdoing it. Should I be lying on the couch, not bearing any weight at all? Doctor didn't go into a lot of detail about my activities. Should I be having my foot raised above my heart? I'm 57 and not very active and the one time I tried to get active (bike riding with hubby) is when this happened. I fell of bike and landed on foot. I'm also about 40-50# overweight, which doesn't help any. Thanks so much! Katiemart