My original injury was 15 Jan; after multiple follow ups I had surgery on 02 Feb for a Lis Franc repair with 2 screws placed. I now I have been non weight bearing for 3 weeks (1 week before surgery too) and am getting VERY antsy. Just 9 days out from surgery I am down to 2 Perocets in the morning and 2 in the evening, though find the worse pain of all is during the night. I often wake up in extreme pain to my heal, bottom of my foot and toes.

Why would this be? I do hop around my apartment, though do use my crutches, and when in public I have a knee roller (that I don't use too often cause it hurts) and a wheelchair. I spend at least 6-8 hours of my day resting my foot before bed, so am baffled of having more pain at night.

My boyfriend and friends have been helpful, but being 'down' has its ups and downs...hope this forum can help! Any thought, suggestions, etc...would be great. I am off work for 30 days, and will be non weight bearing for 3 months total until I get the screws removed at that time and then to my understanding I will have a walking cast on (cam boot).