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*Sorry this is a repost. My title was quite descriptive, so I was getting no views or replies.*

Hello, everyone.

I'm 13 years old guy, and I'm a rising 8th grader. At my school, all students are required to run an mile every Friday. Your time in this mile is a big deal, fast runners are admired and not so fast runners are sometimes teased. Throughout 6th grade, and into the first part of 7th, I was pretty slow, running anywhere from 10:00 to 9:30. Although I was not fat at all and fairly athletic otherwise, I felt slow and out of shape, and my friends were all faster. So, I decided to join my school's cross country team.

A few months and A lot of work later, at the very last mile of the season, I ran a 6:31 mile. I was unbelievably proud of myself. My previous time had been 7:12, but that race I tried to follow a much faster friend. Throughout the race, I was amazed at how fast I was running and sure I would not be able to hold out until the end. However, I did, and managed to beat him in the sprint.

My reason for typing this is because this season I want to get even faster. The actual meets are a mile and a half, the time trials are a mile. Only the top 10 kids in the time trial run in the meets. Now, 6:31 would make the team at most other schools, but my school is very good. We have one every single meet we have been to in the last 6 years, boys and girls, we have won. The 10th fastest kid runs a mile in 5:54.

Today, I timed my mile and ran a 6:58. My question is, what can I do between now and the start of the season in 5 weeks? I know that's not very much time, but it's enough to improve. What can I do?

Thanks for reading and thanks for your answers!


Try a mixture of Pick-ups, fartleks, and hill exercises. Throwing sprints into your standard pace every now and again will improve your speed. I do this once a week after my long runs.