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I have  C cups and puffy nipples and they have been puffy since I was twelve. I’m extremely self conscious and usual keep my bra on or try to keep my breast’s covered even when I was with my boyfriend. I always thought they looked less feminine and they make me feel like I’m not sexy. I tried to look into fixing them but the scars and costs scared me. I just want them to go away because despite all of the men on this cite, I’ve never heard of any guys finding them attractive. It’s just one of the physical features I’m most self conscious of and I wish I could change or hide. Are there any ways to fix them without surgery?


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You should never hide any part of your body from your boyfriend because if he can't love every part of you he doesn't love you at all, puffy nipples are a piece of body beauty that a lot of guys love and find a real turn on, don't feel ashamed of them as you are one of the few who has this beautiful womanly gift.