I hope this is an OK forum to post this question in....

I've been (had been) a runner for 10+ years. I used to run upwards of 60 miles per week, the last few years at 25-30. Within the past 6 months I've pretty much stopped all together.

Up until then I could run a 6-7 minute/mile pace and keep it up for my daily run of 6 miles, I'd run half marathons occasionally at the same pace.

The problem started with my ankles, they would never loosen up during my run. Around the same time I noticed an almost crippling pain in my lower back after my run. I usually ran in the morning, I'd be gimpy all day. This caused me to switch from running to other exercises like swimming/biking/elipticals. I figured I only needed a little time off but every time I try to run the pain comes back.

A couple years ago I switched from super-cushioned shoes (asics cumulus's I believe, whichever cloud was the most cushioned shoe) to a support/cushion (asics gt 2160 is the latest though I worked up through the GTs as the models changed). I did this due to a little hip pain I used to experience, ran on a treadmill while someone watched/recorded and recommended based on my stride.

I'm only 32 so I don't believe it is age related...haven't put on any (much) weight, maybe a few pounds but mainly due to limited running.

Anyone been down this road? I miss getting out. I used to run in blizzards instead of using a piece of gym equipment. I want to run again!!!

I'm this close to going to a doctor but quite honestly I don't believe the average doctor would relate.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!