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Hi everyone.

My boyfriend is celebrating his birthday next week. We are going to have a party and after the party I’ve prepared a surprise for him. I am going to give him my brother’s voit gravity rider. My brother bought it long time ago but since he have never used it he agreed that I should give it to my boyfriend since he will be thrilled. Anyways, we’ve lost the instructions for using this machine long ago and I don’t know if my boyfriend will know the proper way to use this. Could anybody tell me how to use this properly?


Hi Mellisa8

I had voit gravity rider a while ago, but when I moved to my new apartment there was no place for it so I had to give it away.

Using it is very simple and easy. Just sit on the seat and put your foot on the pedals.

Then you should lean a little forward and push the pedals with your feet. Pull on the handlebars with your hands. If you push and pull simultaneously your body will elevate near the handlebars. When it is near the handlebars relax your muscles and let your body to return to the previous position. Repeat this.



Hello there

 I have Voit Gravity Rider manual with all the instructions. I am looking at it right now.

What exactly do you need to know? Are you interested in the basic ride or some other type of workout?

For the basic ride you just need to grasp the outer handles (have your palms facing down). Pull handlebars with your elbows away from your body. You wanna keep your strokes short and fluid.

Your feet are facing straight ahead while you are doing that. It is very simple. If you want me to explain some other type of workout, let me know.