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I have had Voit Gravity Rider for a couple of months. Actually it’s been here for only a month but I have this impression that it’s here like forever. I really got used to it. I exercise with it almost every day.

My husband on the other hand hates it. And this bothers me because the machine was initially bought for him. I thought it might be a nice birthday present.

I really want him to lose some weight so I was planning to trade my Voit, I mean our Voit Gravity rider for a stationary bike. Maybe he will be more into in.

My brother says I shouldn’t do that. He says that this machine is much better that stationary bike. Is this true? And why is it better?


I was wondering the same thing, but for a different reason though.

 I am planning to buy some exercising machine and to keep it in my bedroom. Actually my daddy is going to buy it for me. He doesn’t know that yet. :)

I need to have something that will help me lose weight without going outside. Sometimes I am just not in the mood of getting up from the bed. When I feel that way I can’t exercise outside. I can only exercise in the comfort of my home.

Anyway, a friend told me that stationary bike is cheaper than Voit Gravity Rider. I wanted to ask my daddy to buy me Voit Gravity Rider, but if it’s pretty much the same as stationary, I would rather he spend less money on it.



Hello all

Voit Gravity Rider is a great machine. It is actually quite similar to the stationary bike but it is improved.

It costs more of course, it would be a stupid thing to trade it for a stationary bike.  Don’t do that.

 Force your husband to practice more with it and I’m sure after a while, he’ll love it.

 Voit gravity Rider improves you muscle ability, it works the quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, shoulders, lats, back and chest muscles. It helps you burn more calories, it improves your cholesterol , it improves your ability to raise and lower your heart rate…