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hi just wanna ask if my brother can take already a hydroxycut and he is only 15 yearls old? is it safe? anyone that could help me? i would be much appreciated... God speed


Hey handsum. Your brother is way to young to be using any kind of weight loss product and this includes hydroxycut. Body of 15 year old boy is still developing and he shouldn't be worried about some extra weight. But if his weight is something that bothers him a lot than he should start to exercise instead of drinking hydroxycut products. 

The gym is a great way to get into shape and not just that. Working out has positive effect on every aspect of young boys life. After some time he will be more self confident and this will help not only in his social life but at school as well. 

Do you know what kind of sports does he like? Is there something you can do together? If you really eager to help him than start to work out with him. This will be beneficial for both of you.