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I am about 5 ft 7 and 59 kg. i just go membership in a gym i i really want to get bigger. if i want to gain 10 kg this year where do i start as regards weights and stuff?


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I assume you're male... 

Doesn't matter... 

You start by eating more protein :) meat, fish, cottage chese, beans, tofu, soy, whey protein as a supplelemt (optional) 

eat at least 5 meals - they should all contain proteins - more or less.

Complex carbs, good fats, water ...


Great body is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.

Regarding exercise - lifitng weights vs. cardio. Some say cardio will make you loose weight/muscle. Not true. There is balance in everything. 

You should focus on lifitng weights - some say low reps, high weight. it is best to find what suits you best. if you're a rookie start slow or you will injure yourslef with heavy weights and this is of cousre no good.. :) 

is there a possibility to take a perosnal trainer for an hour or two? Or a freind how is more into gym? perhapos he could show you some things and show you where to start, and with what weights ...  

But don't forget uyour cardio training - 1x a week is okay. 3-4x weekly weights. You need at least 2 days rest. Start with 3 weekly training days.

You can't outtrain a bad diet! Focus on your diet if you want to gain weight, loose weight - whatever you want to do with your body - focus on what you eat!