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Sometimes my balls become flakey on the underneath area, and I scratch them to help relieve the irritation down there. But just like 5 minutes ago I have been scracthing them hard for a good while, and all of a sudden there is a small patch which is incredibly stingy to the tough as swelling slightly, and the whole area around this patch has gone red.

I am only 15 years old and this is worrying. I don't kno if I can face seeing a doctor, and my Dad unfortunately is out of the pictrue and I dont feel comfortable going to my mum nor do I think she'd know what to do othe than to take me to a doctor.

Anyone know if this will pass qucikly? The lump has only just appeared - NOT AN STD i have only had a girl give me head once before like 6 months ago. I also recently shaved down there - about a week ago - but i think that was to help stop the itching...

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, you might consider to wash the place of irritation and then dry it and apply some baby powder. It might help reduce the itching. I know its difficult but try not to scratch it, you will only irritate it more and it will take more time to heal. You said you shaved down there recently, well if you shaved it with a razor your skin will be irritated and it will itch as new hair grows. Just, try washing it and applying some baby powder to ease the itching. If its not anything serious it should go away in a day or two. On the other hand i know its difficult to discuss it with your parents but if it does not stop you should talk to your mom. Yes, your mom because she will understand what you are experiencing and she will show concern to solve your problem.