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Hello. I was healthy 46 year old male and few months ago I got one problem.
Recently I started to feel peculiar tingling and uneasy irritation of the skin that caused a desire for me to scratch the affected area.
I don’t have any visible lesions on the skin and I can't understand what is causing my itching. I know only that I scratch it, and it itches again, and I scratch again and over and over again.

I can think of any reason in the past that I could consider as a possible cause of itching.
Could it be caused by some dermatitis or some other skin disease or could it be caused by some more serious conditions.
Any help will be more than welcome.


Yes, I know how irritating can be sensation you get in the middle of your back that you can't reach or the bottom of your foot when you're driving?
You must understand that scratching is the natural reaction to itching and it generally provides instant relief, but not necessarily long-lasting relief.
So, you actually didn’t solve anything by scratching.
Very often the itch will go away with or without any scratching but also it can be caused by some serious things.
There are many causes of itching, ranging from the simple to the complex. Some very simple are Chemical irritation, such as from poison ivy or stinging nettle, environmental causes such as sunburn
Hives and parasites.
Generalized itching may be caused by infectious diseases (chicken pox), allergic reactions, kidney diseases, liver disease with jaundice
and reactions to some medications.
Regardless of the cause of your itching, there are several possible therapies like cool compress, a moisturizer, or over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams or antihistamines.