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Hey, there I need to know something about getting high blood sugars. I need to know what to do when I become hyperglycemic when I am out and about doing my own thing.  I know I am getting that way because I start sweating a lot, I get thirsty, I want to pee a lot, I will feel sick to my stomach, and basically feel like c**p.  I generally tend to just ignore it and try to drink more water, avoid eating, and I eventually go home because I feel crappy. I get home and check my sugar and it is usually high so I just lay down a while.  so what should I do to remedy this?  I don't want to tell the doc because I don't want to take any medicine and insulin shots.  How do I do otherwise about getting hyperglycemic other than having to take medicine for it.  I will do anything to avoid taking something.  I am pretty on the mark as far as watching my diet, but I could exercise more. 


I have read your post, and I believe that you need to be honest with your doctor.  Maybe you can explore ways to avoid taking medication or insulin with more compliance to your diet and adding more exercise.  You do not have to work out hard to get benefits from exercise.  You just need to be moderately active to reap them.  A simple walk for 30 minutes a day can do wonders for your blood sugars when you are compliant with your diet.  If you do have to take medication or insulin, it will benefit you and help you stay healthy.  Talk to your doctor and work something out. Perhaps you will still be able to maintain control over how to maintain your blood sugars. 

Are there others who have successfully been able to control their diabetes with diet and exercise for an extended length of time?