Hi there, I recently got my navel pierced at the beginning of October. I did all of the recommended salt water soaks and antibacterial soap for the first month or so, but then stopped when it seemed to be healing properly.

I'm a competitive swimmer, and my swimsuit rubbed on my piercing continuously, which I believe has resulted in hypertrophic scarring on the bottom hole of the piercing! The piercing isn't infected, but seems as if the skin is trying to grow around the piercing!

It's red and a small "bead", I don't believe it's a keloid, doesn't seem to be spreading at all. It doesn't cause me any itching or pain, it just looks unpleasing.

I've researched scar treatments, and have found that there is supposedly a silicon scar gel to use topically. Does anyone know if this is effective, or will work for me?

Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you!!