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After a total thyroidectomy, and ablation therapy, 2 "spots" on the scan were noticed. One is 8mm the other 4mm and are in the lymph nodes. The original tumor was 5.4 cm. What should happen from here? Should they be biopsied, just watched, etc? Thanks!


I had a thyrodectomy last year. After all of the pre-surgical consults, with more than one specialist at a very reputable medical institution, here's what I learned:

-Most surgeons will check the lymph nodes during the surgery at which time they will remove any "bad" nodes. They all advised not to "wait and see" on anything.

-Although thyroid cancer proceeds very slowly, lymph node disease does not.

-Lymph nodes feed into just about everything. Don't wait and see. If they find a problem, remove them immediately.

I hope this helps.