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I just had my hysterectomy at the age of 26 one week and one day ago my stiches hurt pretty bad I think I feel fine with little cramping but I have nothing in there to be cramping doese anyone know what I am feeling and have any idea how to make this pains go away.


After surgery your body has alot of gas in it..You may be feeling bloated and crampy because of that..I just had a total hysterectomy about 5 weeks ago and I felt crampy, bloated too..Walking helped me alot..Not strenuous walking but maybe around your home..It also kinda wakes up your bowels because when they give you anestesia then your body falls asleep so to speak..Pleae don't have sex!! Google has been a good friend to me about teaching me what to do and what not to do..You can tear stitches out inside if you have sex..Pain meds can make you feel constipated too so if you aren't in pain then monitor your pain meds..Drink water and just rest..You may feel good but inside your body is still healing..