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Hello I'm 15 years old and I feel is chest discomfort like close to my boobs and close to my collar bones and only today that I felt like it wus pressing something there and sometimes I feel hot nd like my ears hurt sometimes and my arms neck nd shoulder hurt and hands too sometimes it gets numb like my arms nd I feel the discomfort like down my boobs u know and like i dont eat bc like i feel the first day of school feeling and when I eat sum bad like junk food it seems to get worse nd I feel like an elephant sitting on my chest all the time nd I feel like I can't breathe and I start to cry . I'm really worried because I get scared that I have an heart problem or sum or that I'm going to have a heart attack or anything dangerous. People say it's anxiety but I'm not sure can someone help me ?


Hi Gabby

Sweety you had me thinking for a while, but when I read that eating junk food aggravates this issue - are you in any way constipated or pass lot of gas. Trust me these can cause lot of pressure buildup and they yes, pain radiates thru the body.

As for heart related issues, yes, this too seems to be a possibility in your case. But, may I suggest that you visit a doctor who can examine you properly, some tests and suggest medication. Sending healing vibes. Good luck.