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It never happened ever before that I forgot the name of utensils and things of common use such as glass, spoon, and plates- even the name of my sibling. Today, when I woke up in the noon I had a weird condition- I was completely unable to understand the things and walk properly. A sharp pain was going through my back to my nervous system (I really don't know what happened).  The right side of my head was pulsating constantly after I got up the bed. The entire day had been so much tough for me. I would sit on the bed and fell asleep every hour as if I was on the drug or a kind of narcotics. I have been suffering from eye pain for nine months or probably more now and I'm seeing floaters every time. I met with a good doctor who prescribed me good eye drops and two tables. I have completed the course and i was feeling very well until I had had pain this morning. 

My eyes are not red and there are scratches on the white area inside. My eye muscles as well as neck muscles are strained. I don't know how I am writing this post, but I am just doing it. I need serious help please someone tell me what to do. Is this any type of chronic brain disease or a common headache?  My sister was talking to me in the morning and I could not understand even a single word that she said to me. I was just looking at her lips moving and talking something but didn't make it out at all.  I forgot everything like I had lost my memory in a terrible car accident and my head was badly injured.  I can't consult anyone at this time nor can seek help of any professional doctor, please do help


it sounds like aphasia which is a neurological condition generally because of brain injury, I think when you can see a doctor it would be good to make sure you have not had anything like a mini stroke or something similar. Sometimes migranes can also cause things like this to happen but without the nausea or flashing lights. hope you get well soon.