I have recently been suffering from headaches that don't hurt too much but are sudden pangs of pain. I rarely suffer from headaches so i found this unusual. It started to happen like other things such as i talking to someone and i was supposed to say bite and i said part. There was no reason for me to have said this and then i had this weird brain block thinking 'wait did I actually say 'part' or did i imagine i said it wrong?' This has happened more than once and it's really weird I really want to know what it is. Another time i was in a lesson where we had to say our names (my name is Clare). The girl before me said her name was Ciara and when i was asked for my name i said it was Ciara too! I don't know why I said it and everyone thought it was funny but I'm really worried. I'm tired even when i have 7-8 hours of sleep. I don't have dyslexia and none of my family members do but I sometimes write down a different letter to what i was trying to write in my head - or i miss out a letter completely. If anyone has any advice or what could be happening to me please reply!! Thanks :)