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I am scared to touch my glans because i am scared to feel the pain.I have been exposing it to air and letting shower stream hit it and i dont feel pain.i heard if you stick your glans underwater and then touching it with your fingers,you wont feel as much pain.Is this true?!I need proof!


wel i can help i have the smae problem but what i found best to do was to gentlry brush the glans witha soft material or even touch it witha underwear material for a few weeks then move up a level to touching it with your finger but only when its wet so maybe when your in the shower or bath just keep exsposing it to air of hot water diffrent materials means diffrent sensativity and i know your think it will hurt it wont with a soft material dont get me wrong it wil be a little sensative but its bearable trust me its like a open wombed you gotta let it heal before you can touch it its becuase your foresking has been keeping protected for a long period of time its only got use to that one material feeling hope this helped and good luck