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Good day everyone.

I have Maltese Shih Tzu. He is four years old. His name is Jealousy :) Since I got him, he is being sick. I don’t know what to do and how to stop this.

I am at the vets office every seven days.

His life is not in a danger, but I am scared, and I can’t stand seeing him suffering anymore.

When I see that he is in a pain, I really want to cry.

Yesterday, vet told me that my dog is having swollen lymph nodes infection.

I am really scared, so I need your advice – what to do about this issue? 


Hey. Your dog is really sick. I am wondering, what is the main cause of it :( It is really sad to see that your dog is in so much pain.

I wish that I could help him… But, don’t worry.

Just follow your vet’s guidelines and some tips for the treatment, and I am really sure that your dog will live and be healthy. Sometimes, you can heal him at your home, and sometimes you will need some meds.

It is important to do regular check-ups, to make sure that all of the infections have been eliminated. 

Good luck darling! 



Oh my God, those dogs are so adorable.

I want to have this dog, and I am sure that I will buy this breed one day :) They are so adorable :)

 About your question, I am really sorry to hear this. You should visit the vet as soon as possible, because, this maybe is not so dangerous for you, but it can be. That is why you need to visit him.

I don’t want to scare you,  but If you don’t treat it right, it can turn into cancer :/

That is why you need to be really careful and this is the only way for your pet to be healthy. 



Hello. This can be really serious issue. I hope that you are able to control it, together with your vet. Swollen lymph glands can often be felt beneath the jaw and also, they can be just there, around the shoulder area, on the back of the leg, behind some joints, etc. Some of enlarged lymph nodes feel firm, and they can be moved under the skin, but they don’t cause any pain and they are normal temperature. But, if you can feel that your dog’s glands are soft and warm to the touch, it can be a problem. Is this the case with this dog? 





We all do know that lymph nodes are the main part of lymphatic system. They have a lot of important functions, and they are good indicators of the disease.

Now, during the some test, doctors found some main cause. One of them is inflammation, or reaction to a foreign body might cause this.

This can be caused by some infections, that can cause lymph nodes to enlarge, and when the infection subsides, the lymph node should return to the normal size.


If your dog is having this disease, the vet is the only person who can tell you how to heal it and hold it under the control.