I wemt through a terrible withdrawal from Ambien about a year ago. it was so bad, I was awake for 4 days nd was rushed to the ER. I have terrible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and still, to this day, struggle with imtense and nearly psychotic paranoia and panic when trying to sleep at night. I have tried every single drug, wholistic and prescription. Nothing works. This is a psychological issue. When this happens, which is almost every night, meaning I don't sleep for days, I start to feel hot flashes and numbness in my limbs, like waves. My heart beat become hard and fast. I can't breathe properly and I immediately become nauseated. IF I do sleep at all, it's for a few minutes in some kind of half-sleep where I am having visions that are like dreams. They are always negative. These attacks will last as long as I am in bed, trying to fall asleep. In this instance, it was from 10pm last night until 3:30pm, today. During this time, I begin to feel like buzzing jello. I feel like I'm in the twighlight zone, and I break out, lose weight, and become very pale. I am very scared. What should I do.