Hallo i am Emanoil from Romania !

About 5 years ago begins my problem with extremely pain in all my abdomen, day and night. Doctor find  Helicobacter Pylori, and after 14 days of treatament, H P was eradicated, but there remained pain in the left side abdomen appearing at 3 , 4 a.m. accompanied by headaches , pain disapperaing (or not feel ) when i start routines ,and begin again the next night .Most times i'm constipated ,excess gas, burping .I was hospitalized ,did many blood tests ,gastroscopy and colonoscopy , MRI (magnetic rezonance imaging) with water procedure , but nothing find.Doctors said that is IBS , (dont think so ) and have nothing to do ,shrug of helplessness. Have no find an painkiller  the pain is to hard and wakes me up. I do not know what to do and where to go .I am 58 y.o. , 90 kg (had 110 kg ),184 cm