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I am a 36 year old man and have been with my girlfriend for over two years I am very attracted to her and our sex is great. I can go the first round no problems however I dont last long. I can get hard again for the second time but have a hard time staying hard. I never had this problem before, however it had also been two years of not having sex before her and I started which was about a year ago. Any idea of what is going on or what I should do?


When you say that you don't last long, how long do you last? As compared to before you had a problem.

Were you always able to have a second round? You realize that as a guy gets older, a second round may not be possible? Not that 36 is over the hill. But the time between orgasms may lengthen with age. Then may not be possible at all because of your age.

Of course if you have a very short first round, it would be normal to expect to perform a second round.

I have heard a number of guys say that they have premature ejaculation after having an extended dry period. So I believe that there is a conection.

Have you tried the normal methods to last longer? Like start/stop, pulling out, etc.?

You could try to re-train yourself to last longer through masturbation. You've heard of 'edging?' You masturbate to the point of ejaculation and stop. You then continue. The point being to last longer each time. Then you ejaculate when you can't last any longer.

Many men say 'kegel exercises' help them. You could give them a try




if you masturbate a lot then that is the reason. quit masturbating. eat multivitamins prescribed by your doctor. exercise more like jogging and playing sports. you need to stay healthy.