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 Am 42 years old and for the past 15 years i have been suffering from serious weak erection and premature ejaculation. I can hardly stay for 2 minutes and takes 4-6 hours before getting back an erection.


Are you a frequent or chronic masturbator? Weak erections and premature ejaculation are 2 symptoms of someone that masturbates frequently. I have this problem. I try to limit my masturbation sessions. 


If you are not a frequent masturbator, limiting your masturbation will not help. Weak erections may be caused by a physical problem. You may have to see a doctor. You may be able to treat premature ejaculation yourself. There are common tricks that guys use to last longer. You can check on this site or search the web for ways to treat premature ejaculation. A few common ways to treat premature ejaculation are the 'start-stop method' and 'edging.' Kegel exercises are also popular.