I'm 18 years old. I'm terrified everyday because when I attempt to eat, I feel scared, bloated, out of breath, and like I'm going to choke. For the past year I have had the famous lump feeling in my throat every single day. I get acid reflux lots of the time, and sometimes pains in my upper stomach. I have had a tonsilectomy two summers years ago, and my panic attacks have increased since my freshman year in high school.

I've been to TWO ENT doctors, one of which was the doctor that did my tonsilectomy. The other one said nothing loomed abnormal, but suggested an allergy test (Which I haven't done yet). The one that did my tonsilectomy decided we should put a scope down my throat. They found what I think was the last remains of what was a hernia. I have trouble eating, which I rarely do anymore, and it's really taking over my life. I have no idea what it could be anymore, or even if it's just all in my head from my anxiety. I chew my food up until it's almost liquid and I hate having any food stuck in my teeth, afraid I might choke on it. I have had braces for almost 4 years, so that might be why I hate food stuck in my mouth, but still.

Maybe it's a combination of everything, and that's why my body reacts the way it does, and the anxiety, but sometimes I just want it to all go away, and I get so tired of being scared. I just want to know what's wrong with me.