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Hi im 14 years old. It feels like there is a lump in my throat. When every i eat it feels like it gets stuck there and doesn't go down. When i drink it stuck and then it goes down after a few seconds. Please help me. I to scared to eat because ill think ill choke. I have been drinking chicken broath and water i can not have the meal supplements things because they have milk in it and i am lax taos intolerant. PLEASE HELP I WANT TO EAT FOOD AGAIN. I have gone to the ear,nose and throat doctor and they put a camera in my mouth not down my throat though he said everything is ok but i don't believe him because the lump is still there and food still gets stuck help please.


im having the exact same problem right now and im 13 yr old. what ive noticed is that food gets stuck but i can still breathe fine. have you had that? if so, u might have som scar tissue in ur throat or u might just have a sensitive throat. ive also noticed that eating stuff like pbj has been easy to eat. tell ur parents that u think u shud go back to ENT and have them shine a camera down ur throat instead of in ur mouth. u wont choke. just eat food in small portions and you'll be ok, becoz even if those small foods do get stuck, they wont block ur throat. also, ive heard that drinking warm water can help relax ur throat muscles. believe me, ive worried like hell about this too, thts why i know all this stuff from doing research. this might sound disappointing but until u can get to the doctor, u hav to make sure that the stuff u can swallow is good for u, not random c**p. the worst thing u could do is worry. dont freak out. ur parents r there 4 u and they WILL make sure u ok. hope this helps!

god bless, WP13