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I drive heavy loads for a trucking company in the UK and I have just been diagnosed with diabetes 2.  I am worried about losing my HGV licence just because of this.  I really have no other job I can do.  I support my family, my wife doesn't work, so I am hoping I can still drive truck for a living.  Does anyone know anything about the laws for a truck driver having diabetes 2?  Thank you and I hope to hear good news about it.  Oh, I don't take any pills for it or insulin.  Just have to watch what I eat and get some exercise in every day.


I believe you can drive truck as long as your blood sugars are well-controlled and that you are not on insulin.  You should check with your employer on what the rules and regulations are to drive truck as a diabetic.  You may need a document from your doctor stating your sugars are under control and that you are able to drive safely without any concerns.  I don't think you should be worried, especially if you do not have to take medication or insulin.  You should be careful, regardless.  Always keep your blood glucose monitor on you.  If you feel "funny," nauseous, or shaky, you need to pull over to check your blood sugar.  If you are experiencing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), you will need to eat a snack.  You should carry candy or glucose tabs at all times so you are able to take care of "lows" as soon as possible. 

When driving truck, there is less chance for exercise since driving mostly involves sitting.  You will want to take every opportunity to get out and get in a walk.  Exercise is one of the best ways to manage blood sugar since it helps burn excess glucose.  Good luck with your driving career!