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I'm a 15 year old girl and have been masturebating for the past year no and can not reach climax/orgasm and i don't know where my g spot is. My ex boyfriend would finger me all the time it was great but I don't think I ever climaxed. I have had sex but nothing really happened the first two times felt good but then it wasn't fun anymore. Any tips for reaching climax and finding g spot


The g spot can be hard to find. However i would suggest it is easier for someone else to find it for you. I can find for my GF. it is a slight indentation on the front wall of the vagina, feels softer and more spongy then the rest of the vaginal canal. Either you or your friend will need to put their finger all the way into your vagina, then bend it up and make a come here motion to find it. Alternatively, have your boyfriend insert his penis at an angle so that the head of the penis rubs firmly along the front wall of the vagina and move in and out slowly, (only needs to pull out about half way) you may find head will make contact with the g-spot.