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OK well am 16 year old girl and i cant seem to get a g spot orgasm by myself. When am with my boyfriend and he fingers me i get a huge G Spot orgasm but when i finger myself i cant seem to hit the spot on my own Ive tried many ways, does anyone know how i can do it on my own?


Alright Guest,

There are two simple reasons I can see here from my point of view, let me break both of them down for you. When your fingering your self you have to curl your fingers a little bit which takes away from the amount of finger going into your vagina. This can simply take the main detail that your not going far enough into the vagina. The second one which isn't so likely is the fact that your boyfriend is doing it... it's the person you like (or love) which is doing it for you, the person your most likely sexually attracted to. With a little extra tip about gaining those orgasms from the stimulation of your G Spot. If you put some pressure or simple put your hand on top of the pubic bone area and then applying some pressure, you force the G Spot tissues to come a little lower so you can get more bang for your buck. If your boyfriend does this when he is fingering you can most likely enjoy the orgasm more. I'm a 13 year old boy with a lot of knowledge gained from being a geek for a few years and being curious about the female human body. Lets say this is the best and most simple answer I can give you. Always remember when your masturbating to close your eyes and think of something that sexually arouses you up to the clouds of this beautiful place we call masturbating or being masturbated. I hope this information has helped you solve your problem, if you have any other questions, feel free to post again or sign-up and hit me with a private message... Happy Masturbating!!!