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To be truthful I don't masturbate by stoking but by another method. It's quite hard to explain but basically it's me taking my index finger and doing a circular motion around the head over the foreskin and I don't have to be erect when this happens, or more like I can't be because my finger wouldn't fit. It's causing problems when me and my girlfriend want to do things because I can't ejaculate when stimulated by stroking. Help I'm going through a really confused phase and frankly I'm scared that there's something wrong with my penis. Help.


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hey there JZ,

First off how old are you? there are a lot of things when when we are younger or in our teens which cause a lot of un needed concern.

everyone gets sexually aroused through different methodes and there really is not "Correct" way of masturbating.

its hard to understand but how are you eaculating without an erection? and also why wont your finger fit when your penis is erect? are you sticking your finger between your foresking and the head of your penis or wrapping it around the outside of your penis?

with some more info I can help more but one things for sure THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR PENIS :O