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OK, how to explain. I'm 16 years old and still a virgin. From watching porn etc, the head of my penis is different from others. My penis only gets larger when it's hard or when I'm turned on, is that normal? On top of that, it's difficult to pull back when hard as well. Any solutions? And then there's like a red line when goes from the head of my penis and disappears along my penis thus meaning I can only kind of pull back the foreskin of one side of my penis. I used cream before but it didn't work as I had problems with my penis when I was younger. As a teenager, it's extremely difficult for me to see a doctor. Is there anything else I can do? I've rejected a lot of girls over the past year to hide my problem in case they want to go further as some have told me they do. I really want to get with some of them but can't because of this. Your help will be appricated a lot, thanks.


Hi Tuck,

It's OK if the head only gets larger when you're erect. We're all a bit different and as long as it does get larger it shouldn't be a concern.

Having trouble with your foreskin is common at 16. It sounds as though your foreskin is still attached to the glans on one side. You may be able to work it loose, carefully. You may also need to stretch your foreskin a bit. Take your time and do it often. You don't have to pull so hard as to cause pain but there may be some discomfort.

I'm not sure what problems you had earlier. Did you see a doctor? I would suggest that you see a urologist about your foreskin, they'll be able to tell you what needs to be done. Maybe all you need is some more time, but without an exam we won't know.

I can understand why you've reject girls with this but one thing to consider as you get older is that if the girl really loves you, none of this will matter.

Try to visit your doctor for an exam, they can give you the best advice as to treatment.

Good luck.