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I have been worrying insanely about my foreskin, i recently when on holiday to Spain and met a really nice girl, i was going to have sex for the first time but then i remembered, i think i have a problem im not completely sure but when i get an erection i can't see my head, i half to pull it back and it still only goes half way im only 15 and im really worried i don't want to tell my mum or dad or brother im really embarrassed can somebody tell me what's happening? Thanks


Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. Try stretching exercises on your foreskin, when erect pull it as far back as possible until slightly uncomfortable (but not painful). Hold it there for a while and push it back over. Repeat this several times and do it every day, you should notice a difference.

Can you pull it back when soft? I'm 18 and only managed to pull it back when soft a few months ago. It's still a bit of a problem when hard but I'm slowly getting there.