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Ive been reading the boards because im on day 2 of self imposed home detox.  Im ashamed and disheartened to read that I must be the worst one here :( I should be dead by all accounts. I drink 24 hours a day, all day, everyday for months and months at a time.( All day long and all through the night usually stopping 4 about 2 hours sleep between 2-4am) I only stop completely when I reach that no win situation of my body craving the booze to stop the withdrawals but being unable to hold it down without vomitting. Pleasant hu? I drink between 1-2 LITRES OF VODKA EVRY DAY. Its taken me 12 years to reach this tolerance though. Anyway im less than 36 hours in and its the WORST detox yet. The physical symptoms are horrific, esp the heart palpitations and sweats and shakes but this time the mental ones are worse. Panic, anxiety, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, confusion, uncontrolable crying and sheer terror. Im clock watching waiting for at least ONE side effect to ease up but everything is stepping up a gear as I knew it would. Has anyone else ever managed to stop drinking after drinking the dangerous amounts I have been drinking? It would really help to know that I can do this please. Thanks

ps I know not to do cold turkey. I reduce consumption over 3 or 4 days until Im on emergency sips only (less than as single shot, then total zero by day 5 or 6) I want to do this and I want to be alive at the end of it!


hi at least you know what you need to do. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF DOWN any one who abuses alcohol has a problem ME for example im 27 years old and i have been drinking for 5 years the night i decided to give up i scared my self looking up alcohol liver disease i definalty do not want to die yet ! there is an online program

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 its free and i have found it usefull. I have given up a few times whih only ever lasted fora few weeks i did get withdrawals this time i havent and im stillsurethere on there way ! my way of coping to stay off the alcohol is o kep myself busy through out the day then once its the evening i am happy to get home and relax if i sat at home all day by the time its the evening il be bored and trigger myself to drink. I have joined the gym but wont presssure y self to a ig exercise regime yet but it keeps me busy i as went and enrolled on a simple mahs course for the days i have nothing to do. Once you are thrugh the withdrawals you might want to get some support from AA or the site above to keep you alchol free that is a battle for me right now stayng off it for good. I have been to AA before and i didnt go to one in my area i travelled away from it. i didnt think i would stay the whole session i went with the thought i can get up and leave anytime i like but i came out feeling more cconfident about why i need to do this. pplease stay strong there is lots of support out there< its hard at first to get the helpas we suffer from anxiety and are already feeling worthless about ourselfes th thing is with AA and many support groups is we are all going through the same thing.hoe it goes ok for you and you found this usefull x