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Okay so I had my period up until last last sunday, May 1. I was supposed to start a new birth control pack that Sunday, but I forgot to. So on Monday, I took Sunday's pill, but did not take the pill I was supposed to take that day. On Tuesday, I took Monday's pill, and Tuesday's pill. I've been taking the pill regularly every day ever since. On Friday the 6th, I had sex with a condom, but then we took it off and had unprotected sex, but the guy said he never came (we were both really drunk). I don't remember him ejaculating either. I've been a little sore in my pelvic area ever since, I'm not sure if it was because the sex was rough or what. Within the past couple days, Ive had sharp yet short sudden pains in what feels to be my uterus. Does this mean I am possibly pregnant?! I'm 18 and really not trying to have a baby. Also not sure if this helps, but my discharge has been getting thicker and tackier. Thanks for your help.


How long was your period? How long is your normal cycle length?
If your cycle is normally 28 days than you were most likely fertile when you had unprotected sex. (5 to 6 day period ending 1st May plus 5 days would make it day 11 with ovulation day 14 to 15)

Secondly as the guy had already cum, there would have been left over sperm in his urethra which would have flushed out inside you by pre-cum during unprotected sex, which would mean only minimal amount of sperm assuming he didn't cum during the unprotected sex...which if he was inexperienced, drunk and turned on is highly unlikely...I'd take bets he shot is load in you and doesn't remember.
If your period is late take a HPT.