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i last had sex with my ex bf on the 6th october using a condom and we recently split up . last friday i got riddiculously drunk and had sex really quickly with another boy who took advantage, without contraception. he didnt cum but i took the morning after pill anyway just to make sure. the only problem is i cant remeber the last time i was on my period. im really worried! please help! xx


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hey guest2,

what do you mean "took advantage" are you sure he didn't ejaculate? also there is a small possibility that he could have had some sperm in his pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum) this is not normally felt when it is released so it is very difficult to tell if it was or wasnt. if you engaged in intercouse it most likley was though. so there still is a chance you could become pregnat. with that said, I would say that your chances are very slim since you took the morning after pill the very next day. but keep in mind that that pill is not a cure all and is not 100% effective. i would wait at Least two weeks to a month and then take a pregnancy test if you havent had your period by then. Are you 100% sure that the condome that your ex wore did not break or leak. also did he have it on from the start or is there a chance that some of his pre-ejaculatory fluid could have gotten in you?

once again, I'm very sure your not but cant be 100%.

let me know how things work out.