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Hello , I was just diagnosed with prostrate enlargement . Hopefully soon if I qualify for medicaid , I can get immediate treatment . I'm presently not in a commitment with a woman so at times I pleasure myself . Just when I'm about to ejeculate , there is a pain in the lower left portion of my torso and then in my left thigh . Little semen comes out . What could be the possible medical problem ?


Might be a hernia. A doctor can easily check if you have a hernia.


As you said, you were diagnosed with prostrate enlargement. Your symptoms are the common symptoms of BPH. The common symptoms of BPH are:
Difficulty starting a urine stream (hesitancy and straining).
Decreased strength of the urine stream (weak flow).
Dribbling after urination.
Feeling that the bladder is not completely empty.
An urge to urinate again soon after urinating.
Pain during urination (dysuria)

Commonly, surgery or herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is used for treating this disease. And the natural herbal medicine has been accepted by more and more sufferers.